How to Make Your Own Crystal Cubicle

Personalize your crystal Cube with a customized 3D laser etched photo and a personalized message on it for free (made in the USA). The 3D Crystal Cube is the perfect gift for any occasion. Each side of the cube has six sides, that all display your custom etched photograph, which will look like floating in the crystal. Choose from many themes to decorate your Cube with the images of your choice, such as flowers, stars, butterflies, or other beautiful things.

The cube is also great to give to people you know to help them get to sleep at night without the fear of falling out of their cube. Or, you can put the cube in a room that has a large window so the person will be able to see their own image in the cube while they are drifting off to sleep.

You can personalize the cubes with other things as well, such as pictures and messages that you have taken on your trip around the world, or that someone else has sent you. You can also choose to use any other picture in the cube that you would like to use as the base for the rest of the cubes or coverings that are on the cube.

When you purchase the cube, you will receive a free instructional booklet, which will tell you how many cubes are required to cover each square foot of the cube, as well as a measuring tape. The measuring tape is important because it allows you to accurately measure the number of squares and other items that you will need to cover. Once you have purchased the cube and the measuring tape, it is easy to personalize the cube to match your decor.

The Cube can be made from glass, acrylic, or wood and then can be covered in your choice of colors or other materials. The only thing that you will have to pay for is the cost of the laser engraving that will be done on the photos that are being used.

If you need to store your cubes, it will help to store them in a small cubicle in the corner of the room so that they are out of the way. You can also choose to store the cube in a drawer in the closet if that is more convenient. The cubes will also work well as decorations in the bathroom if you use the crystal cubes as shower curtain accents.

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