Water Heater Replacement Tips – What to Look For

The average life of a hot water heater is less than ten years. There are numerous factors that could affect this lifespan, such as the quality of water that goes into your tank, regular water heater maintenance, and how well-maintained your hot water heater actually is. Even a well maintained hot water heater does have to be replaced from time to time. If you are wondering when you might need a replacement heater, it might be time to look at your water heater. This article briefly examines when replacement heaters may need to be considered.

One reason why a water heater replacement may become necessary is because someone has replaced the entire water heater with a new model. Hot water can sometimes freeze in your heater, reducing its efficiency. Also, old appliances may break down, requiring repair or even replacement. Another reason why a hot water heater replacement may become necessary is if your home was built on a soil-filled site. If the construction of your home was poor, the pipes inside of it may break, causing hot water to freeze. When pipes within a house become clogged with gunk, they can’t work as effectively as they should, and it can waste a lot of energy.

When looking at when it might be time to replace your water heater, you should take several things into consideration. For instance, if your home was built on an outdated soil filled foundation, you may not have much choice but to get a new heater installed. A professional plumber can check the pipes for damage and install a new water heater if needed. If your home has just been built, the likelihood of leaks and freezing is even greater, so you will have even more options to choose from when it comes to finding a professional to do the job. The reason why you need a professional to check the pipes is because old water heaters were often made with older technology, which means that some of the pipes inside of the system may be beyond repair.

If your home has just been built, you don’t necessarily have to get a new water heater replacement right away. Many people choose to wait and get the system fixed rather than getting a new one installed. This is an important decision, because it will ultimately determine how much money you have to spend in the long run. It would be wise, though, to get the problems fixed as soon as possible, so that you won’t end up paying for repairs for many years to come. If you decide to wait, however, it will mean that you will likely have to pay more money in the long run, because a new one will cost substantially more than repairs.

The first sign that you should look for when it comes to a water heater replacement are any warning signs. Any electric water heaters that you have should have warning signs on the box that warn you of potential electrical problems. Some of these warning signs include sparks or popping noises, or pools of melted plastic. If you have an older model, then you should consult a professional. If you have an electric heat pump, there may also be warning signs, such as melting of the pump itself. You should never replace heaters with heaters without having them checked out by a professional, because doing so could cause serious damage.

You should also look for other warning signs when it comes to a water heater replacement. One of the most obvious signs that you should be worried about is a larger tank. If you put a larger tank in your system, you are taking on an increased risk of leaking. However, even with a larger tank, if it is not maintained properly, it could cause serious problems, so always make sure that your heaters are properly maintained.

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